Child Adoption Online Management Software

We released the first version of CHARMS in 1998. The 'ARMS' in CHARMS is an acronym, meaning 'Adoption Register Management System'. CHARMS is a tried and tested system specifically designed to support adoption agencies, from not-for-profit, charity, local and independent, to state and federal departments.

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Our software provides all the primary requirements for adoption management

Adopter recruitment and assessment

CHARMS enables you to easily manage your prospective adopters as they go through your assessment process.

Finding a family

The CHARMS adoption module helps you find potential families and broadcast information to all parties simply and easily.

Matching and placements

The CHARMS "Find A Family" and "Find A Child" tools allow, in seconds, placement workers/family finders to see the best potential matches based on age, gender, ethnicity, religion and any other matching considerations.

“So many teams struggle to make their adoption management experience anywhere near as good as their family service, because they are stuck with documents and spreadsheets.”

Post Adoption Support Services

Once an adoption order has been made CHARMS continues to offer support to you, your families, and your children.

  • Contact/Letterbox - A vital element of CHARMS currently, is the ability for birth family members to maintain relationships with their children through the unique, secure Letterbox module. All exchanges can be managed so that birth families have a single, secure repository of every single piece of information exchanged.

  • Birth Parent Support - CHARMS enables continued communication with birth parents to ensure that, if information is needed, required, or provided, your agency is able to seamlessly and securely manage the birth parent contact.

  • 50,000 stakeholders continue to use CHARMS Adoption Software, social workers, care staff, support staff, adopters, family members AND children and young people.

CHARMS Adoption Module: Features

The CHARMS feature set for managing your adoption team is fully specified... and mature!

  • Adopter Login - adopters can login to charms to complete their own Application Form or register their interest, and contribute to their assessment via an assessment form, entirely configurable by you
  • Family Finding and Matching - child and adopter profiles are held for matching purposes - reports can be run within CHARMS to support family finding and matching including evidencing all searches for potential links
  • Checks and References can be taken and assessed
  • Pre and Post Approval Training can all be managed from within CHARMS
  • Panel Process - charms supports all aspects of the panel process - all papers can be shared and signed off securely
  • Placements - child and adopter records can be linked once a placement is made
  • Adoption Support - referrals for pre and post order support are recorded in a dedicated adoption support area - all areas of assessment and planning can be recorded - bespoke suite of reports to support auditing and tracking
  • Letterbox and Contact - communication between child and birth relatives can be sent and received securely via CHARMS
  • Birth Records Counselling and Intermediary Services - for those who need to access their adoption records, CHARMS has the functionality to collate all information held, into one file - support provided at the case level on this area of work can be recorded, monitored, and reported on